Our mission: affordable simplicity and convenience

Step 1

Compile your CiPiObox

CiPiO offers the most flexible solution to put together your own parcel machine. Various modules are available with their own partitions. 

It always starts with the technical module, which contains the screen and electronics. In addition, simply choose how many of which modules you want. This depends on the number of appartments and the average parcel volume. And will you soon be short of capacity? We can expand your parcel machine just as easily. 

As standard, you can choose from three RAL colors that fit seamlessly with any paint color scheme in your building. Something more chic or more modern? You can design your own scratch-resistant print at an additional cost.

Step 2

CiPiO places the parcel locker

The most appropriate place for the CiPiObox is in the central entrance. This central location is easily accessible for both delivery service and recipient. The only facility that needs to be arranged here in order to connect the CiPiObox is power point. 

Does the building have a closed front door? No worries. We offer the technical ability to give delivery agents a one-time registered access to deliver a package.

We manufacture new series of machines several times a year, so we quickly know when you have access to your machine. We will then make an appointment for the placement.

Step 3

Set up user management

The CiPiObox is intended for the tenants or owners of an apartment building. The parcel machine works according to the White Label principle, which means that all parcel and delivery services can deliver to it. 

In contrast to public parcel machines, only residents or tenants can have items delivered to their CiPiObox. We therefore set up a simple piece of user management with our software to prevent abuse of your machine. In this way we can validate for each parcel whether it is actually intended for a registered user of your building. 

After the installation of the CiPiObox, we provide clear explanations and user instructions. Bring on those parcels!

Unique pricing model

Just a fixed amount per month

No difficult contracts or surprises. That is what we believe in at CiPiO. Also the reason why you simply rent the CiPiObox per month. The first month is free and we do not work with a subscription or other obligations. Our parcel mchines can therefore be canceled per month! Very flexible and transparent and unique in the Netherlands!

The monthly rental amount depends on the number of modules that are installed. Curious which modules you need? Please contact us and we can advise you.

Of course we have to install, expand and periodically exchange or collect the machine. We charge a fixed amount each time, which is the same throughout the Benelux. Faults, damage or vandalism? We are quickly on the spot to solve it.

No long-term contracts