Is the CiPiObox something for you?

The advantages of both private and business use of a CiPiObox are obvious. With an ever-growing volume of parcel deliveries, our parcel machine is the future-proof facility for every user. Delivered with certainty at attempt one, so fewer traffic movements (from both deliverer and recipient) and therefore less traffic pressure and emissions. The CiPiObox thus also contributes to safety and quality of life.

For living spaces
Apartment building or flat

The growing convenience of home delivery unfortunately also creates the necessary challenges and irritations for residents of apartment complexes. The uncertainty of whether and how your package will be delivered, neighbors who are bothered to accept packages for others, the feeling of insecurity because of strangers in the building. Unfortunately, these are all often recognizable for residents of apartment complexes, regardless of age.

Owners associations, developers, housing corporations or managers who take these problems seriously and are looking for a professional solution, choose the future-proof Cipiobox. In addition, the Cipiobox fits perfectly within important current themes such as sustainability and liveability of (inner) cities and longer independent living. 

A CiPiO parcel machine can already be drawn in during the design phase of a new build or renovation. But they are also easy to install in existing buildings.

For working spaces
Professionally arranged

Multi-tenant business buildings are on the rise and have a special dynamic. Several companies are housed under the same roof and their image and job satisfaction are highly dependent on the appearance and facilities offered. Satisfied tenants are also loyal tenants! 

Both tenant and landlord therefore benefit from a neat entrance, where you do not stumble over the packages that are also an eyesore. The Cipiobox provides a modern and professional business card. 

We also see more and more companies that use a Cipiobox as an incentive for their staff. In this way, employees can easily have parcels arrive at work and they do not have to rush or detour on the way to or from work. Simply placed at a central location in the company, it also offers opportunities to (corona-proof) exchange matters with colleagues.

"Property owners, managers and owners associations are increasingly realizing that a parcel machine is becoming a standard feature. It is something with which they can offer an extra service that more and more residents want."

For Business
New possibilities

Since 2012 CiPiO has established knowledge and experience with the business market. Not only does it offer retail solutions to offer consumers’ convenience with click & collect machines, far-reaching integrations were also established with logistics cross-dock players and PostNL. 

Corona has forced many companies to also think about their proposition and innovative concepts to serve customers in new and different ways. CiPiO thinks along and advises. Sometimes we can get started with our standard solutions, but if customization is required, we take care of everything. From concept to delivery and management. Both software and hardware. 

The CiPiObox offers logistics innovations for both B2C and B2B applications.

Neighbors more peace and
quiet, more privacy for you