Take control of your parcels with tomorrow's letterbox!

The CiPiObox is the smartest way to receive your parcels. It provides residents and business tenants of apartment and office buildings with peace and convenience.

Put together your ideal CiPiObox, plug it in and you're done. Simply rent, and may cancel per month. Try the convenience of a CiPiObox.

The CiPiObox: safe, sure, simple.

The advantages of your own CiPiObox

No more waiting for your parcel. Pick it up at your convenience.

If you are not present, neighbors or building managers will no longer be bothered.

Neighbors or building managers have nothing to do with what you have ordered to deliver.

Always certain that your parcel was delivered.

No more searching deliverers roaming your complex.

Less stress, because deliverers successfully deliver at their first attempt.

A neat, modern entrance without parcels lying around.

Contactless deliveries, so safe and corona-proof.

White label

No surprises, always reliable

We deliver on what many promise. The smart CiPiObox has been developed from the ground up to be able to receive parcels from any delivery service without any problems.

If a random delivery person scans the shipping label on the parcel machine, it is immediately clear whether it is intended for a known user. Strangers can never misuse your CiPiObox. With our smart integrations you always have an overview of your shipment.

No misunderstandings, no surprises, always reliable.



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