At CiPiO we see a world that is changing rapidly. A world in which everyone is increasingly at the controls. A world in which e-commerce is growing explosively and challenges us to think together about sustainability, new forms of interaction and innovative logistics. We believe that safety, security and simplicity should be the norm. 

CiPiO brings all of this to your front door. And we mean that literally. As the most experienced party on the Dutch market, we offer proven, user-friendly and solid solutions to greatly simplify parcel delivery and make it more customer-friendly. 

We do this by developing and managing beautiful and smart parcel machines that are available 24/7. Call it tomorrow's letterbox. You order online, enter your address and receive your package. It's that simple. Regardless of who you buy from or who delivers it! 

The CiPiObox: safe, sure, simple.

CiPiO is a collaboration between VDL Services and Last Mile Logistics.

You are also familiar with this combination from the PostNL parcel machines. There, large volumes of parcels are processed flawlessly with the same technology every day. So due to the many years of experience we have on the Last Mile with CiPiO, you are assured of reliability.

VDL Services builds, installs and maintains the parcel lockers.
Last Mile Logistics is IT partner for all solutions.

Your own mailroom

Packages flawlessly arranged

The ever-growing trend of delivery can no longer be ignored. It has become the most common thing in the world to have both business and private items delivered. But a lot can go wrong on the last bit, resulting in damage, loss, distress and irritation. 

How nice would it be to have the feeling of your own mailroom in your building? A place where someone takes care of your parcels. Someone who ensures that your parcel delivery is always flawlessly arranged. 

CiPiO, your own Chief Parcel Officer! Pleased to meet you.

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