The ease of delivery

Dutch letter post volume decreased from 22 million items per day in 2010 to 6.8 million items. Meanwhile, according to ACM, the number of parcels in the Netherlands has more than doubled in 5 years to more than 600 million parcels in 2020!

Where a postman used to walk his neighborhood with one bag of letters, now parcel deliverers from various services drive back and forth in delivery vans. And this continued growth is not only a challenge for the delivery drivers…!

Steel, burglar-resistant parcel machines that can take a beating.

Can be operated both via the screen and per app.

Easy to assemble and expand in a modular way.

Your own mailroom
For apartment or office

At CiPiO we believe that receiving parcels nowadays should be easy for everyone and should not be a hassle. However, the trusted letterbox does not provide an answer. 

With a smart parcel machine, every user benefits from modern convenience. The delivery agent can always deliver his package and the recipient can always accept it. He doesn't even have to be there! Everyone can now experience the luxury of their own mailroom.



"The CiPiObox offers the best proven technology in the Netherlands. With this technology, thousands of parcels are handled every day."

Flexibility first

The powerhouse among parcel machines

With the CiPiObox you get the most flexible powerhouse among parcel machines. Depending on the number of homes or tenants in your building, and the amount of shipments that are delivered daily, you can easily compile the CiPiObox. 

In addition to the technical module, we offer various modules with their own partitions. These modules can be added afterwards without any problems. If over time it turns out that your building is short of capacity, the parcel locker can be expanded easily and unlimitedly!

Efficient and